Introducing The Cold Core Contact C3 Cooling Device

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A Quick Guide to the C3 Device

What is the C3?

The C3 is a new cold therapy cooling device for your muscles that delivers a cold treatment right to the core of the issue! The C3 targets muscles in recovery or muscles that are constricted or “tight”. The C3 embraces technology and uses that technology to focus on a specific muscle or muscles groups in short time increments of 15 to 25 minutes per treatment.

How does C3 work?

There are different methods for cooling. The most common one is vapor compression refrigeration. Where you take a gas and put it under pressure and it will create a cold effect such as air conditioners, refrigerator and CryO Saunas. Another popular method of cooling is the use of frozen liquid. The third method uses an electric current, semiconductors, and thermoelectric coolers (Peltier Effect) to cool. The C3 uses this electric current method to cool.

The C3 has no moving parts, no compressible gases which makes for a compact, rugged, simple unit. In fact, metal is the fastest medium for removing heat. The C3’s aluminum tip cools 100x’s faster than ice, and 10,000x faster than nitrogen gas. This means more heat removal in shorter amounts of time, even at higher temperatures. Also, metal never melts nor requires a gas to make it work so the C3 can deliver cold therapy for an indefinite mouth of time.

Why would you use it?

Inflammation or Injury to the muscle tissue for pain relief. If you have discomfort in a particular muscle or group of muscles you would certainly benefit from using the C3. When your muscles are “tight” and lacking blood flow this is known as ischemia.

The C3 causes vasoconstriction → forces blood out of vessels → blood returns as vessels warm (vasodilation).

Muscle Recovery – C3 calms down muscle fibers that have been shredded during activities such as weight training, cycling, running, training classes. Does this by lowering metabolism or “firing” of the cells → this adds longevity to muscle cells. Allowing the blood to disperse from a particular area rather than pooling around a particular muscle causing heat and pain. The C3 helps calm the muscles.

You are basically using the C3 wand to assist in the manipulation of soft tissue with added benefits of flushing/vasoconstriction without a lot of pressure or strain on your body. You Can add C3 to massage for secondary dose of blood circulation, and added flushing of lymphatic system or use as a stand alone service in your wellness practice.


What is the difference between a 15 min or 25 min ?
15 minute sessions are perfect for targeting an inquiry. Shorter, more frequent applications will be most effective in aiding muscle injury. 25 minute sessions are better for larger flushing of muscle groups.
How much does a session cost?
$20 for 25 minute session → targets larger muscle groups.
$15 for 15 minute session → targets acute areas/injuries.
$30 for a package of 3 (fifteen) 15 minute sessions.
Would I massage first and then use the C3 or use the C3 and then give a massage?
You have to consult your therapist on an as needed basis. Use the C3 first to help relax and elevate some of the inflammation in the area, massage second to break up the clogged tissue and flush the lymphatic system. If the area is contraindicated for massage, massage around the body and use the C3 last as a cryO treatments solely for the purpose of reducing the inflammation in the body.
Is the person using the C3 wand trained in the Use of CryoTherapy?
The C3 is only as effective as its application. It is an extension of the therapist’s hand. Our therapists are trained licensed professionals that know the body, its systems, principals of recovery and follow the safety guidelines of the C3 machine.

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