Couples Massage Workshop: Honey…Rub My Back

romantic massage lessons couples massage class
INSTRUCTOR: Bridget Turnbach, Owner of The Pampered Spirit
CALL: 732-299-8793
DATE, TIME & LOCATION: Private In-Home Instruction
COST: $375 

Do you throw your hands up after five minutes of giving a massage?
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This private couples massage class is based on simple, easy-to-learn Swedish and sports massage techniques and is designed to help you and your partner share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other. In this three hour workshop you will learn how to:

  • Reduce pain and tension
  • Better your connection
  • Save you hands from exhaustion
  • How to give and receive a relaxing body massage

ON-SITE SETUP: Enough room to set up one massage table and Shiatsu mat, about 5′ x 9′ of floor space.

WHAT TO WEAR: Bathing suit or tank top and shorts

Massage table, oil and massage cream provided.

This is individual couples massage instruction and makes a great anniversary or special occasion gift.

$375 per couple for 3 hours of instruction

*additional travel fee may apply. Please mention location when booking.