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What is an At-Home Couples Massage Instruction Like?

Looking for a romantic gift for you and your partner? Couples Massage Instruction at home is a private session with you and your partner with a trained educator/massage therapist. Typically the session runs two and a half to three hours. Your instructor will bring all the equipment, sheets, cream, oils, music, and a gift. The equipment includes a massage table and a shiatsu mat. The instructor will set up in the privacy of your home.

The structure of the couples massage class begins with a brief introduction of who the instructor is, their experience as an educator and massage therapist. I invite the couple to sit comfortably facing one another and take a moment to look at each other and connect on an intimate level by gazing into their partners eyes. Then, I ask the person that booked the appointment to tell their partner why they booked this session and what they hope they will gain from the experience, both for themselves and their partner. The goal here is that the opposite partner recognizes the intention and effort on the gifter’s part and responds accordingly. Verbal communication is stressed throughout the session.

Next, the couple will decide who wants to give and who wants to receive first. I always find this part amusing as most couples will debate this and both want to give first usually. This is a good sign! It is important to remember that it is easier to give than to receive. We are more vulnerable when we receive. I encourage the person lying on the table will verbally communicate with their partner regarding pressure and pleasure or displeasure. If something feels good, say it. If an area is feeling agitated by the pressure or massage stroke, that needs to be communicated as well.

Basic massage strokes will be taught, including; effleurage, petrissage and accupressure. We will begin with a sequence of strokes customized to the persons likes and areas of stress on the table and then we will switch. Proper body mechanics and breathing through the strokes is very important for endurance while giving a massage. Most people will say their partner tires very quickly when giving a massage. I will teach you that it is mostly all in the breathing and how you use your body to give the massage!

Lastly, after the basic sequence has been taught and each person has given and received we will take a short break. The couple will then practice what they learned on the table, giving and receiving a massage on the shiatsu mat. The mat simulates the use of a bed or other surface the couple may have handy in their home. Most couples do not own a massage table. The instructor will offer guidance and feedback to the couple while they are massaging each other on the mat.

It is amazing to see the transformation of the couple from the beginning to end; their appreciation for one another, understanding of likes and dislikes, more comfortable with their body’s and or their partner’s body. The level of intimacy reached is different for everyone but I will tell you that growth does happen with each couple I have worked with.

To book your Couples Massage Class for yourself or to give one as a gift, Call 732-299-8793 or Click Contact Us us with any questions or comments.

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